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Micro Format, Inc.
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Est.1983 ~ On Line Since 1995

Secure GuardTM
Security Paper Products
are manufactured 100% in the USA.

Since 1983, with corporate offices located in Chicago Illinois and with affiliated manufacturing facilities located in cities across the United States,
Micro Format provides Document Security Paper Products worldwide.

Micro Format Inc. is a Product Development Company specializing in "high technology" State of the Art Tamper Resistant, Anti Copy Fraud Resistant Security Paper Products.

Micro Format means

Waterproof Self Expiring Labels
on Sheets AND Rolls.

For EVERYTHING that expires
in 24 hours !

Self Expiring Labels

Using a patented technology,
the word VOID appears on the face of the label
24 hours after the label has been activated.

Self Expiring Name Badge

    To Activate Self Expiring Feature....
  1. Remove label from liner.
  2. Fold Blue Tab behind label against the adhesive backing.
  3. The label has been activated.
    Within 24 hours the word VOID on a RED BACKGROUND will appear on the front of the label.
To activate Secure Name Badge
To Activate...
Fold tab back onto adhesive badge.
For EVERYTHING that expires in 24 hours !

  • Self Expiring Daily Parking Passes

    Self Expiring Parking Permit

  • Daily Tickets
  • One Day Food Tickets

    One Day Food Tickets

  • Cafeteria Pass
  • One Day Admission Pass
  • Visitor Passes
  • Show Badges
  • One Day Event Tickets
  • Single Day In Store Discount Coupon
  • Building Admission Pass
  • Daily Juror Badge

    Self Expiring Juror Badge

  • One Day Parking Passes
  • One Day Guest Ticket
  • Waterproof label applications
  • Use your imagination......

Single Use Self Expiring Labels
on Sheets

  • Waterproof - labels expire wet OR dry !
  • 1,000 self expiring labels per package
  • Label Size: 3 in. x 2 in.
  • 100 sheets - 10 labels per sheet
  • Liner 3 hole punched for storage in a standard 3 ring binder

Item Number SP800-B
$200.00 per package plus shipping by UPS

Landscape Clipboard

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with your FIRST ORDER of 1,000 Labels or more.

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Secure Thermal Printer Self Expiring Name Badges on rolls
Blank Visitor Badge - No Border

Tab activation secure name badges

Print Self Expiring Name Badges with your Thermal Printer.
    For use in:
  • Star
  • Citizen
  • Zebra
  • Datamax
  • Dymo
  • and other direct thermal printers
    • For use in Direct Thermal Printers
    • 250 self expiring labels per roll
    • Badge Size: 4" x 2"
    • Roll Width: 2-1/3"
    • Roll Diameter: 3-1/8"
    • 1 in. core (2.54 cm)
    • Fold Tab Activation

      Fold tab to activate name badge

    • To Activate, fold tab back onto adhesive badge.
      In 24 hours, the word "VOID" will appear on a RED bacgground

Item Number SP826
250 badges per roll
$49.00 per carton plus shipping by UPS

1 roll per carton

IN STOCK --- ready to ship

Package of FOUR rolls

Thermal Roll Self Expring Name Badges

Item Number SP826
1,000 badges per carton
$175.00 per carton plus shipping by UPS

4 rolls per carton
250 labels per rolls

IN STOCK --- ready to ship

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